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Health and Wellness Promoting Relaxation Experience


Reiki is a relaxation technique that employs light touch to comfort, soothe, and bring one’s whole being into a state of balance and wellbeing. It’s benefits are similar to those experienced through massage, reflexology, and acupuncture.

Healing Hands

It’s similar to massage in that it is a type of bodywork that uses touch, and it has similar effects to massage. But, it is a very light and gentle placement of the practitioner’s hands on various areas of the body, causing deep relaxation and adjustment of the client’s bio-energy field.

It is completely safe for anyone, and effective whether you are already in great health and want to stay that way, or experiencing health issues which you want to address. It works by gently assisting your whole system toward balance. I will post more information on this page as I continue to build my practice.